RUSSIAN CYLINDEr LOG HOMES (prefab sets of wall structures)

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Date 2018-01-05
***Basic Conditions of Production & Trade of CYLINDER LOG HOMES & LOG BATH-HOUSES (PREFABRICATED HOUSING KITS) by Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH, Moscow Russia, Mr.Svyat Sytin +7(926)444-4862 or e-mail ***retail price of $200 per CUB.MTR of 160-180-220-240-260-280-300mm in pine/spruce lumber available of wall prefab set ***MiNIMUM shipment volume in single 40ft FCL/full container load per 42 CUB.MTR of order or more when in case of retail/bulk trade Commercial Formula of a complete product unit value determination (of a complete prefab house kit –with strengthened structures of roof & floor & with joinery woodworks//of a zero prefab house kit –without strengthened structures & without joinery woodworks) = net price for a section size of the cylinder log of wall prefab house set of 160-180-220-240-260-280mm upto 300mm + adding price for strengthened set of roof & floor structures, also cost of joinery woodworks) !! Web-link to commercial distributor’s production site of Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH, Moscow & Design-project executive models (current factory/warehouse samples) by 160/180/220/240/260/280/300 mm of wall set’s CYLINDER NATURAL MOISTURE MASSIVE (not glulam) ROUND LOG thickness specification:: PLEASE NOTE THAT::Seacargo 40ft FCL/full container load is not likely to be shipped to far continents of Americas/Africa/Asia because of LOG Natural Moisture storage risk – instead eurocar is to be delivered to convenient Europe port !! Typical machine-cut round log homes (prefab housing kits of wall constructions & strengthened structures of roof/floor/joinery units) in vast variety by seasonal distributive catalog of year 2018 @trading retail capacity of the company Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH, Moscow Russia, which we are always ready to perform to Buyer !! Original Structural SoftWood Lumber of Russia @ Precise Engineered Woodworks by technically specified industrial efforts of Russian National Lumber Company’s executive domestic production & international supply shipment maintenance of retail competitive trading in Pre-fabricated Wooden Housing Sets made from Glue-laminated Constructional Profiled Timber or Cylinder-processed Log assemblage units (as concerning any adopted engineered design-project of wooden structures’ production for house kit assemblage @ order’s destination) !! **Dear client & customer of wooden prefabricated housing structures, please notice our present business proposal of offering to you directly the original certified Russian Manufacturing capacity of all types Cylinder Log @200 USD/ & Glue-laminated Timber @460 USD/ (or even dry massive timber @ cheaper cost of 250 USD/ of Walls Set Completion in a Wooden Houses’ Prefab Kits Design-Project (shipment sets of construction materials) as a complete industrial production made from best technical northern softwood species of Russia (pine, spruce, larch, cedar) affordable instantly @ lower retail prices worldwide. Ready-made design project models of different architect types’ wooden houses are to be shipped at your order destination in duly-packed transportation sets of housing structural materials (as by standard sea-cargo 40ft container load) per a regular commercial contract on the prepayment/advance settlement basis by Buyer as directly been sent & received from Russia only. **Please contact us anytime by e-mailing request to ( or calling directly Moscow, Russia +7926-444-4862 (English only) to determine all your retail consumer’s needs & to see through our varied design project catalogs of the wooden house models.. WOODEN HOUSING STRUCTURES (PRE-FABRICATED SETS OF TIMBER or LOG BUILDING UNITS) from RUSSIA (export) ENJOY LONG LIVING with HOUSES OF WOOD from RUSSIA in timber & log building !! ***Cylinder-shaped natural-moisture Log house (**as full shipment set of wall structural units including roof & floor & joinery woodworks’ elements if necessary by a customized order details) ***Cylinder log (round lumber) house $200/€170 per vol. of structural unit/wall set (=Sweden-style Cylinder Log structural units’ sets of natural moisture specification) ***No included VAT/value added taxation @clear international price distribution per direct Buyer’s contract for only confirmed & registered organizations/corporations/enterprises (non-individuals) ***Factory/warehouse FCA/free-carrier shipment by standard 20/40/45 feet FCL/full container load for sea-cargo or euro-truck CARNET TIR/transport international roads +CMR waybill/convention of merchandises per route for a basic commercial compound composition set of the wooden housing structures (delivered by sea cargo or land vehicle worldwide)


  • species
    European softwood (excluding Scandinavian - Baltic - Russian)
  • MainType
    Profiled Scantlings


  • volume
    cubic meter of wall set Spot - 1 time 40'Container

Price & Conditions

  • Price
    200 USD per m3
  • shipdelay
    Available on order in less than 30 days
  • incoterm
    FCA Russia
  • Sells to

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