“Both Betimbers Team & Bureau Veritas Professionals, are able to offer you a Monitoring and Inspection service where we will visit the suppliers to check the raw- material following the order specifications and after this, issue industry reports with pictures and comments about the products and monitor your order.”


A greater service for higher value orders focused on ensuring the confidence of our members.



Monitoring by Betimber Team

You will receive e-mails with the following information:

  1. Production process date;
  2. Date of the Production Loading to the shipment port;
  3. Expected shipment date and shipping company;
  4. Transit time tracking and expected arrival date;
  5. Expected date of container release at the destination port.

Inspection Service

Betimber Team

  • Verification of 4 pallets or logs;
  • Quality check
  • Specifications check
  • Photos of the material
  • General Inspection Report

Service available in:

- Africa
( Douala, Luanda, Pointe Noire, Libreville, Takoradi, Casablanca)

- Brasil
(Manaus, Navegantes, Paranaguá, Vila do Conde)

- Europe
(Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland)

Bureau Veritas Professionals

  • Workmanship Check;
  • Function Check;
  • Contract Product Quality
  • Conformity Check
  • Quantity Verification;