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Betimber News: New wood veneer more resistant to impact


The new engineered wood veneer might replace the traditional for its high-impact applications.

New Leaf develops veneers for furniture, doors, wall panels, etc. This veneer is an exact replica of an authentical natural veneer. The protection layer is applied on the top of the pre-finished engineered veneer and includes other layers to protect sunlight, water, impact and other elements. This makes New Leaf three time more resistant, four times more scratch and water resistant eight times more dent resistant and fourteen times more impact resistant than others.

Its available in 37 wood species, veneer cut and stain combinations. You can also choose whether you prefer a classic, contemporary or luxury look.

New Leaf is a new company backed by Wilsonart which is one of the world’s leading providers of engineered surfaces.

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Philippines: every year students have to plant trees


Philippines parliament approved a new law where every student has to plant at least ten trees in selected areas before graduating.

If every student act by the law, one generation will be able to generate 525 million trees.
“Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act” is the name of the new law and the goal is to help with the climate change and formalize what already is a tradition in the country.

The trees will be planted mainly in forestry zones, protected areas, selected urban areas, etc.
The species used will always depend on the climate and typography oh the area, but Philippines species are the main priority.

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Finland: Innovative solutions for global problems



Finland recognition for the studies of innovation, technology, life, science and sustainability has finally began. The country is now a key global player.

1. Finnish innovation for global solutions
The world is facing a crisis due to chronic illness and it is predicted that by 2050 the over 65s will outnumber the children under 15 for the first time in history. That’s why there’s an urge for innovative solutions that will facilitate the transition towards personalized and preventive healthcare.

 2. Leading the way in sustainability

Sustainability has to become a fundamental, indispensable part of every business operation. These are transitions that will take time and providing support to companies embarking on these changes through initiatives such as sustainable finance will be crucial

 This is a report from Voices of Leaders online magazine.



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3D printing process with wood-based ink


The process is meant to produce the unique “ultrastructure” of wood and was demonstrated by a group of researchers from Sweden’s Chalmers University.

This process can interpret and digit wood’s genetic code. The technique is able to control the arrangement of cellulose nanofibrils. This will help to enable the technique to reproduce many of the desirable properties of natural wood.

Professor Paul Gatenholm is the project’s leader and together with his group developed a prototype for an innovative packaging concept.

Alongside applications in healthcare products and clothing, Gatenholm also sees potential for the technology in space, believing that it offers the perfect first test bed to develop the technology further. “The source material of plants is fantastically renewable, so the raw materials can be produced on site during longer space travel, or on the moon or on Mars. If you are growing food, there will probably be access to both cellulose and hemicellulose,” he said.

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Prices down in the wood sector in 2019


IFA latest report about the prices of timber sector turns clear the drops at the top and bottom of the scale achieved by forestry owners back in 2018.

From April to June, sawlog conifer timber 4.9m in length sold for €78/t to€82/t excluding VAT at the roadside.

This compares with €80t/ to €90/t last autumn. These prices are now back in line with early 2018 levels, but still higher than in 2017.

Palletwood prices are broadly stable, with only top prices for shorter lengths (under 2.5m or 3.1m) falling €2/t below late 2018 levels.

Stakewood (€38/t to €45/t) and pulp (€20/t to €34/t) fall in a lower range than last year, with cheaper pulpwood showing the sharpest drop of €5/t at the lowest end of the scale.

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How can skyscrapers be environmentally friendly?


Concrete and steel have been the favourite building materials for years, but with the climate problems the world has been suffering and there is the need to find alternative and sustainable ideas.

Each and everyday there are more architects starting to build with wood. These wood products include the use of cross-laminated timber (CLT). In this case, wood is glued all together in pieces or layers. Strong, light and easy to work with, it lasts long and it is not expensive.

There are now also being used other sustainable materials such as graphene which is flexible and strong enough and is now being used in concrete production to make it even more resilient, waterproof and environmentally friendly.

Engineered bamboo is also being used. Materials such as clay, sand and soil are back in the game and can be used for building projects.

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Russia: wood export to Japan jump 20.2% in April


According to Customs and Tariff Bureau of Japan, there has been a big increase on wood exports to Japan from Russia.

The data shared by the company reveal that lumber exports from Russia to Japan soared 20.2% y-o-y to 80.6 thousand m3 in April 2019, export value expanded 21.1% to $29.3 million.


The total number of imports to Japan increased 8.35% to 528.0 thousand m3 with import value was up 4.60% to $192.9 million.

Canada’s lumber exports to Japan slid 2.21% to 140.0 thousand m3 with export value dropped 6.3% to $54.2 million. Japan lumber imports from Sweden jumped 23.4% to 71.5 thousand m3, import value increased 15.0% to $21.4 million.


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Softwood lumber prices drop


As the demand level is elusive the prices of lumber are droping. Sawmills couldn’t gain traction selling into any markets and barely even sold their daily production volumes.


Wholesaler prices (net FOB sawmill) of almost all standard lumber prices fell last week.
With production order files at sawmills “prompt on everything,” sellers could do little but drop prices in an effort to get buyers to even pick up the phone and talk.

It is really very unusual to be able to get any prompt wood at this time of year — apart from extremely specific higher-value specialty products — so for a sawmill’s entire range of products to be immediately available upon ordering during this normally high-volume production time of year could be troubling.

For the week ending May 24, 2019, benchmark lumber commodity Western Spruce-Pine-Fir KD 2×4 #2&Btr (RL) FOB sawmill wholesaler price dropped $22, or -6.6%, to U.S. $310 mfbm, from the previous week when it was U.S. $322 mfbm. This week’s price is -$22, or -6.6%, less than it was one month ago. Compared to one year ago, this price is down -$348, or -53%.

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Micro house: digital fabrication & low-cost timber construction


IBA Timber Prototype House is a project described as a “log cabin turned in its side”. An airtight and highly sustainable building system that will be in show in Apolda until the 29th of September.

The mono-material building is made of a series of staggered upright spruce timber frames with thin slits that serve as stress-relief cuts to prevent splitting and dead-air chambers to increase insulation values without compromising structural capacity.

The building curving walls and roof are a result of digital fabrication.

“Conventional building systems have a vast array of different materials embedded in them, which often have very high embedded energy costs and are difficult to separate for recycling,” explains the ICD team. “In contrast, this research draws on traditional joinery, and a system was developed that relies purely on wood elements for structural connections and airtight enclosure, minimizing system layers and ensuring easy disassembly for end-of-life recycling. Furthermore, the project sources all the wood from within the state of Thueringen, where the demonstrator was built, allowing the team to minimize the embodied energy costs associated with moving materials over transportation networks.”

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Germany: The Urbach Tower made of self-shapping wood


Engineers from Stuttgart University have harnessed the natural shrinking process of wood as it loses moisture resulting on the world-first self-twisted tower.

The university's Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) and Institute for Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) built the Urbach Tower in the Rems Valley for the Remstal Garden Show.

The structure is made of non-energy-intensive process that involves predicting how wood will shrink as it dries out as the flat timber panels are designed to warp into the desired shape

The 14-metre-high Urbach Tower marks the first time that this process has been used in the construction of a building. The panels of Cross-Laminated timber are 5-by-1.2 metre and are made of bilayered spruce wood sourced from Switzerland.

For the Urbach Tower, they chose a curved shape. They reduced the panels' moisture down to 12 per cent in an industrial drying chamber. After removing them, they overlapped and laminated the pieces to form the 12 larger curved strips that form the building's structure.

The resulting structure is light and seamless-looking, with walls that are nine centimetres thick with a weight of 38 kilograms per square metre of surface area.

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