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Portugal: Treetop Walk, the new footbridge at Parque de Serralves


The treetop walk opens on the 14th of September and the entrance is free to all visitors.

The project was created by the architects Álvaro Siza Vieira and Carlos Castanheira and the new tree-level path on Oporto city.
You are now able to walk among the top of the trees, the aim of the project is to be observe in a better and easier way the biodiversity that exists at the Oporto park and sensitize the public to the importance of the nature conservation.

Not only the project allows us to have some amazing views over Serralves, but also encourages the respect of the environment and natural patrimony. The foundation wishes that the experience becomes something “shocking” in a good way.

Parque Serralves celebrates, this year, 30 years of existence and gathers the group of world gardens and parks with walking paths among trees that are searched and visited by people from all over the world, such as Walpole-Nornalup National Park in Australia and the MacRitchie Reserve in Singapore.

Take a look at the video bellow, you will take a small glimpse on what to expect:


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Belgium: The place where you can cross a lake by bike and cycle over the trees


Limburg, Belgian region, is now creating cycle paths and restoring nature to make it more appealing to visitors. It is now able to cycle through a lake, trough the air around the trees and soon, on an underground route.

The cycle route is called “Cycle between trees”, the track climbs in a circle over a coniferous grove in the municipality of Hechtel-Eksel to land the cyclists 10 meters high, with 360-degree views of the old mining region, before circling down to the ground.

The aim of the project is to bring new experiences to the trails of the region (there are around 2000km’s of them, big part with no cars).

Right now, the attention is all on the tree tops. The structure has a total pf 700 metres and 100 metres of diameter that can be done by bike or walking.

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Vienna: art installation transforms stadium into forest of 300 trees


The installation called “For Forest”, the artist Klaus Littman wanted to create the image of a forest in a totally new context.

The first time he suggested the project to the city was six years ago, only now he was able to turn it real. The installation is supported by Klagenfurt’s municipality and has been criticised for too much extravagance.

The 300 trees include: Aspen, Oaks, Birches and Larches that were grown in nurseries and will be in exposition until the 27th of October.

The Klagenfurt’s football team, who play in Austria’s Second League will temporarily move to a smaller facility.

 Today, climate change is a pressing political issue in the whole world and the idea of this exhibition is not new, it was first drawn by the artist Max Peintner 30 years ago and this image is also shown in the stadium.


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Find out why you should buy engineered flooring for your house


For a sophisticated and timeless look in your house you should opt for this type of flooring, it has become the number one choice for home décor and for the interior design experts.

Engineered wood flooring combines different layers and kinds of wood veneers, so today we will explain all the advantages of owing engineered wood flooring at your home.

1. Real perception

After being used for a while, you start to see how wasted hardwood flooring becomes. In the case of engineered wood floors that does not happen. Time and use will not make any difference, it will still look exactly the same, even after long use.

2. No hard maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain, you will be able to keep it sheen and with the same texture as the beginning. If you spill liquid or food you can just wipe it using a wet cloth.

3. Resistant to Climate

Due to the hot or cold climatic conditions of the country, real wood expands and contracts during time and use. This is another thing that will not happen with engineered wood.

4. Affordable

Prices of wood engineered flooring are much more reasonable compared to real wood flooring.

5. Boosts property value

Most of us think that only marble and certain kinds of stone flooring can fetch the highest value for real estate property, which is not true. Engineered wood flooring also boosts the property valuation.

6. Simple installation

Easier to install than hardwood flooring. Re-Installing it can also be really simple and smooth.

7. Easy to make some touch-ups

If there is an accident or a little damage there is no need to worry. It can be easily repaired and the cost of it is quite less compared, once again, to real hardwood floors.

As you can see there are a lot of advantages connected to Engineered wood flooring but to enjoy the best out of it you have to make sure you reach out to the right agency that can offer these types of services.



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Cameroon: The launch of OTP, the portal for timber traceability


The platform was launched on August 23,2019 and aims to provide information about the traceability of Cameroonian woods to buyers.

The Open Timber Portal (OTP) brings transparency to timber operations. It compiles information from three different sources: official concession boundaries and the list of registered forest operators from the government; documents uploaded voluntarily by forest operators to demonstrate compliance; and observations by third party forest monitors.

The site is still a beta version that gathers feedback from stakeholders, the portal informs users that the site might still have some bugs and the information might not be complete or up-to-date, something that they will work on so it can be solved by the next month.

Up until today, only 15 of the 50 wood exporters operating in the country have already published information about their operations.

Take a look at the portal by clicking on this link:


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Engineered timber from recycled carbon fibre


Washington State University (WSU) and the not-for-profit Composites Recycling Technology Centre (CRTC) are trying to create new mass timber materials from heat-treated wood and carbon fibre recycled from Boeing airplanes. 

The team is investigating ways to convert timber into a more durable and stable construction material.
The main focus is on thermal modification, that will make the wood more resistant to decay, and less prone to shrink and swelling as moisture conditions change. 
However, thermal modification will slightly reduce the strength of the wood. To restore its strength, the researchers are adding recycled carbon fibre—which costs about one-tenth of virgin fibre—to the CLT. 
A demonstration panel for the first phase of the project will be displayed in March, at the 2019 International Mass Timber Conference in Portland, Oregon.

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Canada: investments in the wood construction


An investment of $2.5-million has been made by the government of Canada to the Canadian Wood Council Advanced Wood Education Roadmap in order to promote the benefits and opportunities related to the wood construction.

This project includes a new Canadian post-secondary learning curricula, resources and tools, such as placements that will teach students the benefits of wood, wood-hybrid and non-traditional construction.

The funding for the project is being provided through Natural Resources Canada’s Green Construction through Wood program that encourages the use of wood in non-traditional construction projects.

The aim behind this program is to position Canada as world leader in tall wood construction technologies and the low-carbon economy.

This will help to achieve Canada’s 2030 climate change goals by training future leaders in design and construction communities in effective ways of constructing with Canadian wood, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Czech Republic: the boom in prefab wooden houses


Comparing to 10 years ago, there is more than 3 thousand prefabricated wooden houses. Wood houses are becoming more accessible due to the rise of the price of bricks and the fall of spruce timber prices, caused by the beetle infestation.

Even though refabricated wooden houses are faster to build, the high demand makes clients wait at least half a year to place their order.

The biggest supplier of wooden buildings, Bruntál-based company RD Rýmařov, produces around 400 houses a year. 

“The demand is so huge that we are no longer able to cover it. We had to stop accepting orders for the next two years,” the company boss Jiří Pohloudek told the website 

An average wooden house with an area 150 square meters costs around three million crowns, while in Prague, that it is price of a small one-room apartment. 

According to real-estate agents, most clients interested in purchasing wooden houses are people between the ages of 30 to 40, who are mainly interested in low-energy houses of up to three million crowns. 

The average life-span of a wooden house is currently around 50 years. After this period, the house usually needs to undergo some major renovation.

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Germany & France: the forestry collapse


Droughts, storms and beetle plagues are the main cause of the ecological collapse these countries are facing. More than 1 million established trees have died in the last year.

The rivers in Germany have record numbers of lows and forests are now prone to fire. The problem in France are similar facing the worst beetle infestation in two decades.  The prices if timber have dropped due to all the trees dying.

Last year, there are registrations of 102 million cubic meters of French public forests were infected costing the industry nearly €80 million.

The process of high-quality softwood has fallen to €60-€80 per cubic metre. Its about the third over the last 18 months as the market is flooded with infested trees.

Densely forested Lüdenscheid in central Germany had seen its rainfall fall from 1,000mm in 2017 to 483mm last year.

Germany’s prized European red beech had also been dying off after being widely planted over the past decade in the hope of creating diverse, sustainable forests.

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Germany: competitive timber prices result in the rise of exports volume


Poland and Czech Republic, are together accounted for almost two-thirds of the import volume to Germany.

European nations, such as Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, France and Slovakia are hampered by large volumes of storm-damaged trees and beetle-infested forests. For that, during the first four months of 2019, the exports in Germany were up 61 per cent comparing to the same period back in 2018.

 As a result of the oversupply of logs in Germany the prices of logs have gone down in the country. As there is a lot of wood raw-material the prices become more competitive. Germany has increased production levels and expanded export sales.

Due to the expected reduction in log costs in the sawmill sector, there will be lots of opportunities for this industry to increase lumber exports in the coming year.

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